PersonalChoice gives you the option to make your own investment choices from the range of funds of available. For example, it enables you to invest in equities within a specific region as well as in property, bond and cash funds.

You can choose to invest your contributions in any combination of these funds and decide how and when to make any switches in the run up to your retirement.

The table below highlights the fund range from May 2016:

Asset Class New Fund Name
Equity Asia Pacific excluding Japan Equity Fund
Continental Europe Equity Fund
Emerging Markets Equity Fund
Global Equity Fund
Japan Equity Fund
North America Equity Fund
UK Equity Fund
Bond Corporate Bond Fund
Index-Linked Gilt Fund
Mixed Bond Fund
Multi-asset Diversified Fund
Growth Fund
Property Property Fund
Cash Cash Fund

For more information about each fund's current investment objectives and performance targets, refer to the Investment performance.

The cost of investing in each of the following funds is shown in the Fund charges factsheet.

If you don't make any investment choices...

Your contributions will be invested in the default fund – Destination Drawdown LifePlan.

If you wish to opt-out of the default fund you must let us know your preferred options by completing an Investment options form. If you wish to opt-out of the Scheme altogether you need to complete an Opt‑Out form.

The Trustee regularly reviews the choice of funds available within the Scheme and will make any changes that are deemed appropriate. These changes can apply to the accrued value of your account and future contributions. The Trustee also has the ability to change the underlying managers, structure, operation and charges of each fund. Any changes can be made without prior notice but you will always be informed if you are affected.

Financial advice

The value of your account may go down as well as up. By law, employees of TSB, the Trustee and the Scheme administrator cannot give you advice on choosing your investment funds. Use of this site does not constitute advice to you. If you are unsure about any of the investment decisions that you have to make, it is strongly recommended that you contact an independent financial advisor (IFA). You can find details of an IFA in your local area by visiting

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